About Us

Marketnews has established an impeccable and enviable reputation in the consumer electronics and computing industry over a period of 33 years. Each month, retailers and other professionals who make their living in consumer electronics, home computing and multimedia products rely on our concise objective coverage of the events surrounding our industry.

As a trade publication, our main goal is to assist our business community in planning, assessing, and understanding the current buying and marketing trends by delivering accurate and timely information both in print and online.

While we are a Canadian-operated publication, the scope of our business is global, and we are a familiar name within our industry throughout the U.S., Europe, Japan and Hong Kong. So much so, that we have been invited consecutively to attend the Hong Kong Trade Exposition as guests of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, and as guests of various manufacturers. We also play an active role at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas as hosts of Canada Night, which is attended by over 3,000 of the who’s who in the Canadian CE industry.

Marketnews is mailed monthly to retail outlets and manufacturers using a CCAB audited qualified list, which is continually being modified and nurtured. We can also be accessed daily through our web site right here at marketnews
Editorial Profile

Marketnews, a glossy, four-colour tabloid published monthly since 1975 and keeps consumer electronics, digital imaging, and home computing retailers abreast of industry news, products, technologies, trends, marketing strategies, selling techniques, personnel appointments, and other issues affecting their ability to compete effectively.

Our targeted readership is retailers (resellers) of home audio/theatre, mobile electronics, video, multimedia, imaging, home computing, satellite and small business systems, ranges from small independents and installers to regional and national chains, superstores, power retailers and department stores.

Marketnews is renowned for the quality, depth and breadth of its feature articles, which are provided by the industry’s most acclaimed staff and freelance contributors and lavishly presented in a style more typical of a consumer than a trade publication. Features include technical and sales analysis of new and existing market opportunities; in-depth coverage of national and international trade shows from a uniquely Canadian perspective; and profiles of leading retailers across Canada.

We also publish an annual directory of manufacturers, distributors, agents and sales representatives selling through the retail channel; their products; and a listing linking brands to corporate distributors.

Strength and Credibility

The value of tradition and history cannot be easily assessed, although its benefits are very real. It lends Marketnews an instinctive grasp of the needs of our industry; both our indirect (readership) and direct (advertisers) supporting client base. It provides us the unique authority and perspective that only a rich history can bring.

The very high production values of Marketnews Magazine – its size, white, glossy paper stock, and the attention paid to colour accuracy, registration, and other factors influencing print quality – plays an important part of its appeal to its principal advertising base.

Marketnews is a member in good standing with the Canadian Circulation Audit Board (CCAB), with a 100% qualified, audited circulation base. CCAB ensures that the number of copies a magazine claims to publish and distribute in a given month is factual, and insists that every subscriber be re-confirmed every three years. Marketnews continually revises its circulation according to shifts in the market and retailer community. One obvious shift was dictated by the growth of multimedia and home computing.

To maintain our exposure nationally and internationally, Marketnews is an active participant in all North American consumer electronics, home computing and multimedia trade and consumer shows.