The Consequences of Skipping on SEO Services

The world today is much smaller than it has ever been thanks to the internet. Through this medium of connectivity along with the advent of social media sites and platforms, many of us can literally view images and videos that are being shared through our friends or contacts. Even if they have been uploaded halfway around the world, thanks to the internet, we are able to easily view, appreciate, or even comment on the things we see and read online.

These days, there are literally countless numbers of websites that are offering nearly the same or similar types of information as well as products being presented. In this modern age, when it comes to striking it rich, it no longer refers to digging for gold or oil and becoming filthy rich because of it. These days, you can strike it rich by opening up your very own website and managing and placing valuably informative content in it can help you in earning a lot of money from visitors going to your site. If they buy some of the products listed there, you can earn commission through affiliate marketing.

As easy as it may sound, in truth striking it rich online is something that is only true for a relatively few. This is because there are many more of them who attempted to make money and earn their living through commissions, advertisements, and pay per clicks. The process of getting to earn more than what you would normally earn per month with your day job through website ownership is quite a difficult undertaking. It is a process that is not easy, takes time and effort, and most of all requires you to spend money in order to reach and get search engine visibility.

If you own a website and would like to see your website get an increase in traffic as well as product sales and clicks on your web advertisements, the best way you can actually increase traffic to your site is by making it show within the top few pages of search engine search results. If you hire SEO teams or companies that provide SEO services like, then you will be able to slowly but increasingly increase your page ranking which will then result in the swarm of visitors going to your site.

The one true factor (aside from luck of course) that makes successful website managers achieve their success is SEO. Basically, you pay an SEO company for their SEO techniques and services that will allow your site to reach better results in search pages. Of course, such services are not cheap and will require many months of doing SEO application techniques for the results to even manifest. If you find such expense unnecessary and that you are not willing to spend some money over SEO, then the likely inevitable consequence you will brew from your site is failure as your site’s potential for earning has been greatly affected by your unwillingness to spend money on a very important aspect of website ownership.

Facebook Files IPO; Zuckerberg Will Still Rule All

After a lengthy amount of rumbling, Facebook finally filed its IPO paperwork yesterday. However, while the company may be going public, it will still very much be firmly controlled by its Co-Founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Officially, Facebook is seeking to raise US$5 billion dollars for its IPO, but analysts believe that it could raise as much as US$10 billion from investors. If the latter winds up happening, the company would be valued at US$100 million. Zuckerberg, who has economic control of 28% of the company’s shares would then be worth US$28 billion, and thus become the fourth-richest American.

In terms of decision-making, the buck will pretty well stop at Zuckerberg, as he will have control of 56.9% of the voting shares.

“[Zuckerberg] will control all matters submitted to stockholders for vote, as well as the overall management and direction of the company,” read part of the letter Facebook released in regards to its IPO filing.

To gain further voting authority, Zuckerberg reached agreements with numerous Facebook investors, which gave him voting rights over their shares in most situations.

Facebook is expected to officially go public by the middle of this year.

As The Who once sang, “meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”